At MyBibNumber we rely heavily on the latest technology to be able to provide a service that both increases the yield per participant and generates thousands of free images to showcase the event. However, technology alone cannot shake up an entire industry but add the right people and the results are outstanding! We understand that event photography goes beyond the event photos themselves. Our team includes a dedicated member of staff to manage customer service and utilising Zendesk software a prompt response is always provided. We also have a dedicated IT team; in 2019 we were the first UK based provider of selfie searches in online galleries and in 2022 we will again be leading the way by offering LIVE images from the events we service! Through our technology, innovation and people we provide a service that is both unique and better! So, lets meet the team... .

Martyn Warwick

Martyn's introduction to event photography came in California around the turn of the millennium. The first digital SLR’s had been released a couple of years earlier and this was a time of great innovation in the event photography industry. Martyn worked with some iconic events in the USA as they switched from a film to digital service. That founding spirit of adventure and innovation is the DNA of MyBibNumber.

Emil Borconi
IT Manager

Emil is the IT genius behind MyBibNumber. His favourite saying is "anything is possible". It is this philosophy that has helped us be a leader in our field for over a decade. Be it allowing participants to download free images, post to social media with one click or search galleries by uploading a selfie we all have Emil to thank!

Erin Ek
Customer Service

Erin is our dedicated customer support agent. Erin is originally from Montana in the USA so she already has a head start on what exceptional customer service is. Utilising Zendesk customer support software we are confident that we provide event participants (and not forgetting their friends and family) totally awesome customer service!

Keith Hill
Lead Photographer USA

Martyn is good friends with Keith's dad and watched Keith grow up (often with a camera in his hand). But, make no mistake, Keith is involved on merit alone because he poses extraordinary talent. His images (still and video) capture the essence of an event and he is an expert story teller. Don't take our word for it check out his site here. We are fortunate to have Keith as part of our team and if he attends your event, you are genuinely in for a treat! Keith operates out of Raleigh North Carolina and Telluride Colorado.

Alex Dodd
Lead Photographer North

Alex is a professional freelance photographer who also shoots Premier League games when not working for MyBibNumber. As you can see from his photo, unlike with his other weekend job, with us he occasionally gets to be in among the action!

Claudio Jardim
Lead Photographer London

Originally from the stunning island of Madeira, Claudio and his family are now based in North London. Claudio has a wealth of photography knowledge and is always on hand to offer advice for shooting in difficult conditions. If you see him at an event and he is not too busy (ha) ask him about his kit and set up he will be more than accommodating.

Craig Goddard
Lead Photographer Midlands

Craig loves his job! Craig loves mud! Craig loves getting into locations and positions to get shots and angles others won't, Craig loves to be ultra-prepared (think survivalist). Craig goes the extra mile. Craig does not like to be photographed! (We will get a better one someday).

Dean Woolley

Dean, based in Yorkshire, has worked with MyBibNumber as a photographer for over 10 years. With a wealth of photography experience and a corporate, project management background he is perfectly suited to operate as one of our first franchisees. Delivering a first-class service for both our clients and customers. This photo best captures Dean's rugged good looks.

Neil Taylor

Moving from biological sciences, Neil became a professional photographer in 2013 and loves nothing more than to be outdoors taking photos. His passion for photography started early, with a spy camera collection at the age of 4! Neil joined MyBibNumber in 2018 as a photographer and location scout. He has built up his own portfolio of cycling events, enjoying the epic landscapes this type of event often involves.



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One of our favourite and funniest events of the year - Total Warrior. On all weekend, we photographed adults and junior warriors for the event. Packed with some of the most challenging obstacles, our team photographed some absolutely epic photographs here. Check out the event in more detail here and sign up for next year!

5 days of stunning landscapes, challenging climbs and decent Wales weather - what more could one ask for? The Berghaus Dragon's Back Race is one of our toughest events to photograph but it's easy to see why we do it, in the photographs here. Check out the event in more detail here and sign up for next year!

One of our funniest and messiest events of the year; Rat Race Dirty Weekend has just finished. Situated in the lovely estate of Burghley Estate, thousands of participants climbed walls, crawled through mud and slid down giant slides to reach the finish line. Check out the gallery here and you'll see why it's one of our favourite events to photograph!

One of the most stunning areas in England - Yorkshire. However, on this day, things were a bit messier than normal! This event is not for the faint hearted! One of the most popular obstacle races, the Yorkshire Warrior cuts across tough Yorkshire countryside with hills, bogs, rivers crossings, lake crossings, slides, barbed wire, electric fence, crawling, climbing, log carrying, sand bag carrying and much, much more! Check out some of our photographs HERE.

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