At MyBibNumber we look for far more than just event photographers. While we’re all first and foremost photographers, our dedicated team are willing to go one step further to get that truly magnificent shot. When you invite MyBibNumber to organise event photography we’ll take the time to scout the course and locate the finest photo opportunities. We’ll also come prepared with the right kit for the job; whether that means erecting a tent on the side of Ben Nevis for the day, setting up lights and a generator for night time events, or donning our upper-body midge suits to keep mother nature at bay while we capture the event photos that your participants want.

At MyBibNumber we also understand that event photography goes beyond the event photos themselves. Our team includes a dedicated member of staff to manage customer service and we use Zendesk software to ensure a prompt response is always provided. We also have a dedicated IT manager who is constantly working to improve the online presence of MyBibNumber and find solutions to your bespoke event photography hosting needs. MyBibNumber is the event photography partner that will be on hand year round to work with you in achieving the best possible results and returns from your event photos.

Martyn Warwick

Always something new to learn! Martyn created MBN in 2010 when he returned to the UK after fifteen years living in America, where he was also a photographer. Martyn enjoys the contrast of checking out a quiet course days before an event to the hustle and bustle of event day. His favourite shoot is the finish line where the elation of the participant's achievement is on full display.

Alex Dodd
Lead Photographer North

Alex is a professional freelance photographer who also shoots Premier League games when not working for MyBibNumber. As you can see from his photo, unlike with his other weekend job, with us he occasionally gets to be in among the action!

Kevin Sloan
Lead Photographer Scotland

Kevin is a full time photographer, he keeps an ultra-happy persona by ensuring he avoids wedding photography!
Portraits, PR, Landscapes, Music festivals, rallying and of course sports but just no weddings! If your event has a slide the chances are it will be Kevin who is capturing all the thrills and spills from it.

Craig Goddard
Lead Photographer Midlands

Craig loves his job! Craig loves mud! Craig loves getting into locations and positions to get shots and angles others won't, Craig loves to be ultra-prepared (think survivalist). Craig goes the extra mile. Craig does not like to be photographed! (We will get a better one someday).

Claudio Jardim
Lead Photographer London

Although based in London we are lucky enough that Claudio frequently travels the UK working with MBN. He has a wealth of photography knowledge and is always on hand to offer advice for shooting in difficult conditions. If you see him at an event and are not pressed for time (ha) ask him about his kit and set up he will be more than accommodating.

Emil Borconi
IT Manager

Emil is the IT genius behind MyBibNumber. One of Emil's favourite sayings is that "anything is possible". It is this philosophy that has allowed MyBibNumber to create an industry leading photo sharing platform. It also allows us collaborate with events on new IT developments. As Emil aims to get your gallery live as quickly as possible he proclaims that the images are "just numbers" to him. However, we think he is secretly quite a photo nerd too as he went photo crazy on his recent trip to California.

Erin Ek
Customer Service

Erin is our dedicated customer support agent. Erin is originally from Montana in the USA so she already has a head start on what exceptional customer service is. Utilising Zendesk customer support software we are confident that we provide event participants (and not forgetting their friends and family) totally awesome customer service!


If you love photography, love events, love to travel and want to work flexibly then we’d LOVE to hear from you! We are always looking for highly skilled and dedicated event photographers to take MyBibNumber photos, so get in touch with us here or fill the contact form out below.


We're very excited to be shooting the first Velo 29 event and our first event of the season this weekend at York-Leeds-York! Passing the famed Harewood House, where the Grand Depart of the Tour de France 2014 was hosted, this is set to be a truly epic experience for the riders and for us too. With the weather on the up it's looking set to be a cracking day out with a chance of some rain. We will be photographing all three distances including the Short at 40 miles, Medium at 63 miles and Long at 101 miles. We're expecting to see some riders with tired legs, but don't forget to look out for us and give us a wave. We'll be in our bright yellow Dare2B jackets and we'll be the ones with the massive cameras! Photos will be available to purchase after the event and we're offering a 10% discount to anyone who pre-registers with us here before the event. You'll be the first to find out when the photos go live too.

New to the MyBibNumber event photography for 2018, we're excited to be adding the Velo29 event series. Velo29 put on the hottest sportives and the coolest races in the UK. This year we'll be following them from Crewe to Ravenscar and beyond. The routes range from 40 to 200miles and include the Yorkshire Beast, which is arguably the toughest ride in the UK. With routes taking in Buttertubs, Mow Cop and Rosedale Chimney (all of which feature in Britain's 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs), some of the Velo29 routes have a real sting in the tail. With short, medium and long options at some events, however, there really is something for everyone. We're looking forward to waiting atop some hills in the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and Peak District. Up first we will be heading to Harewood House on 10th March for the York-Leeds-York Velo29 event. Having hosted the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014, this is set to be a truly stunning start location for the event. We'll be out on the course so remember to keep smiling through the pain of those burning thighs...

On Saturday we are excited to be getting our season of event photography underway at Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker in the (probably snow covered) Scottish Borders. We photographed this event for the first time last year and had a decent workout carrying a generator and lights up to the top of the infamous scree slope to snap runners as the pain really set in. OK, we may have used a 4x4 for some of it...
This night race offers a challenge to participants and a challenge to us as event photographers at MyBibNumber too. Rest assured we will be out on the course come rain or snow.... Don't forget to fasten your bib number on tight and give a wave or a smile through the pain when you see our MyBibNumber event photographers out on the course.
Pre-register here and you can save 10% off all digital orders and be the first to know when our Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker 2018 photos are live. If it's your first time and you want a sneak peak at what you'll be facing on Saturday, then check out the Rat Race Mighty Deerstalker 2017 photos.

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