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At MyBibNumber we know events and our dedicated event photographers do all the work so that you can concentrate on running your event smoothly. With 8 years of experience, we’ll find the right shot to show your event in all its glory so that you can focus on the safety and satisfaction of the participants.



Dirty Weekend, one of the biggest events we shoot each year, is just around the corner and we're buzzing to be the official event photography team once again. The Dirty Weekend event photos 2018 will be captured, tagged and uploaded to our photo hosting platform, but we anticipate that there will be well over 50,000 photos taken by our team of event photographers around the course. We'll be capturing event photos on all of the course highlights, so keep your eyes peeled for us as you run, jump and crawl. To help you to find the photos of you and your mates amongst the many thousand, we have a few tips for you to follow so that we can make them easy for you to find. All photos where the runner has a visible bib number will be tagged so that you will be able to search by race number. This is by far the easiest way to see your photos all in one place. To make sure your number is visible in the photos, follow these steps: 1. Head to the event numbering station once you have registered and use the permanent markers provided to write your number on your headband. 2. Write clearly and boldly on the headband so that the number is visible on the front of your head. 3. Consider writing your bib number on exposed areas of skin that will be facing the cameraman. Biceps and forehead are good locations for a clear shot. 4. Tie the headband securely around your forehead and on top of your hair. 5. Hold on tightly to the headband when you jump into water so it doesn't come off. 6. Look towards the camera and strike your best pose! If, for some reason, your number is lost or not visible when we capture an image of you then we will take some further steps to help you to find your photo. Photos will firstly be filtered by time, so if you know that you jumped off the mahoosive water jump at 14:15 then you can filter to this time and find your photos more easily. Where possible you should take a note of the time when you see our photographers out on the course to make your photos easier to find after the event. Finally, we will also tag the photos by the colour of top that you are wearing. When combined with a time filter this can make your images easier to find, but remember that the best way to find your Dirty Weekend event photos is by making sure that your bib number is clear to see at all times during the event. Those of you who pre-register here will also get 10% off all digital downloads, including our bulk buy offers. We're looking forward to another Dirty Weekend away. We hope you are too!

With Yorkshire Warrior on Saturday we've got some top tips on how to wear your headbands so that you can see all of your images in one place. The MyBibNumber photo gallery lets you search by bib number to save you from scrolling through thousands of images, but we can only tag your photos if we can see your number. Here are some top tips on how to wear your headband. 1) Use a black permanent marker to write the number against a flat surface. 2) Go over the number multiple times so that it is thick and clear. 3) Consider writing the number on your arms or exposed skin as well as on the headband. 4) Tie the headband securely around your forehead on top of your hair. 5) Hold on tight to the headband when jumping into water. 6) Look at the cameraman and give us a smile when you see a photographer on the course! Bonus tip - We also tag photos by the colour of your top. Wear something bright and if your number comes off then we can still sort your photos to make them easier to find! Finally, to get the best deal on your event photos, you can pre-register here with MyBibNumber and you'll get a 10% discount of all digital event photo downloads. That even includes 10% off our massive photo bundles!

This weekend we're joining Velo29 once again for another fantastic tour of the Yorkshire countryside. The Daffodils Sportive, named after the famous Farndale Daffodils, incorporates some of the best roads in Yorkshire and takes in some of the best views that the Yorkshire Dales have to offer. In true Velo29 fashion the sportive is welcoming to all abilities with short, medium and long distances on offer. Ranging from 36 miles to 88 miles, there is a route for every rider. With all three routes setting out past the iconic ruins of Byland Abbey, the tone will be set for a tour of stunning vistas and beautiful views throughout the route too. Our MyBibNumber event photographers will be scattered around the course ready to take pictures of you as you ride by stunning landscapes and battle your way uphill. Those who pre-register here will get 10% off all digital photo downloads and will be first to find out when the photos are live after the event.

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