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One of our favourite and funniest events of the year - Total Warrior. On all weekend, we photographed adults and junior warriors for the event. Packed with some of the most challenging obstacles, our team photographed some absolutely epic photographs here. Check out the event in more detail here and sign up for next year!

5 days of stunning landscapes, challenging climbs and decent Wales weather - what more could one ask for? The Berghaus Dragon's Back Race is one of our toughest events to photograph but it's easy to see why we do it, in the photographs here. Check out the event in more detail here and sign up for next year!

One of our funniest and messiest events of the year; Rat Race Dirty Weekend has just finished. Situated in the lovely estate of Burghley Estate, thousands of participants climbed walls, crawled through mud and slid down giant slides to reach the finish line. Check out the gallery here and you'll see why it's one of our favourite events to photograph!

One of the most stunning areas in England - Yorkshire. However, on this day, things were a bit messier than normal! This event is not for the faint hearted! One of the most popular obstacle races, the Yorkshire Warrior cuts across tough Yorkshire countryside with hills, bogs, rivers crossings, lake crossings, slides, barbed wire, electric fence, crawling, climbing, log carrying, sand bag carrying and much, much more! Check out some of our photographs HERE.

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